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  • Photographers of any level can join.  The more the merrier as everyone brings something different to the club.

  • On joining you will be asked to submit 5 -10 images so you can be allocated a star rating.

  • 1 star is the entry-level and 5 star indicates an experienced photographer.

  • Members are encouraged to enter our monthly competition where you can enter up to 5 images within six categories.

  • Each image is awarded either a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or a Merit Award if your image is awesome! Points are allocated for each award.

  • These points accumulate for your advancement up the rankings ( Star ratings ), which is a gauge of how your photography is progressing, or you can just enter for the fun of it : )

  • We have an annual membership fee of R500 and a once-off admin fee of R100 which will include an embroidered badge

  • If you're interested in joining it's as simple as clicking the contact tab and filling in minimal details for us to get back to you.

  • We look forward to meeting you!