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 Scapes Category


• A genre intended to show different spaces within the  

  world, usually vast and unending.
• A landscape comprises the visible features of an area

  and physical elements such as landforms,  
  water, living elements of flora and fauna and abstract 

  elements like lightning and weather
  conditions. It could be pure nature or include man 

  and/or beast.
• Scapes is a term that covers the depiction of scenery 

  such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers,
  forests, sea, cities etc. where the main subject is a wide

   view with its elements arranged into a
  coherent composition.
• Scapes may be natural or man-made. Derived terms

  include: Cityscape; cloudscape; nights  
  cape; seascape; snowscape; streetscape; sandscape;

  urban scape etc.
• A panorama is an image with elongated fields of view, 

  with an aspect ratio of 2:1 or larger, the
  image being at least twice as wide as its height.
• Both B&W and Colour images accepted
• Image manipulation IS allowed.