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 Nature Category


• This category includes nature and wildlife. Photos 

  can depict all branches of natural history
  including landscapes, geologic formations, weather

  phenomena and any living organisms in a
  natural or controlled environment.
• The story telling value of the photo is more important 

  than the pictorial quality, while maintaining
  high technical quality.
• Human elements shall not be present except where 

  they are integral parts of the nature story,
  e.g. a barn owl adapted to buildings or where humans

  are present when depicting natural forces
  l  like a hurricane.
• Photos of domestic and feral animals, cultivated plants

  and mounted specimens are not permitted.
• Stitched images are not permitted.
• Scientific bands, tags or radio collars on wild animals

  are permitted.
• No manipulation is permitted that adds, removes or 

  moves any pixels. Enhancements such as
  dodging and burning, and cropping is permitted.
• Entrants warrant that they adhere to the PSSA Nature 

  Photographer’s code of ethics and to the
  value statement that “The welfare of the subject is more

  important than the photograph.”
• Both B&W and Colour images accepted.
• Digital manipulation IS NOT allowed in this category.